Hill Križevac, is 40 minutes’ walk from Gloria Apartments.


Medjugorje is known for its hills, and one of the most famous is certainly Križevac. It is located at an altitude of 520 meters and is a place where the first foundation of this great pilgrimage story called Medjugorje in some way occurred. Namely, there were parishioners who had erected an 8.56-meter-high cross made of reinforced concrete in 1934.

The following text is also written on it: “Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the human race, in the name of his faith, love and hope, in memory of 1900. anniversary of Jesus’ sacrifice.”

The power of the Jesus Cross was brought from Rome and is also built into this cross, especially for this occasion. The Holy Mass on Križevac is held every first Sunday after the religious holiday of Blessed Virgin Mary in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

The visionaries also heard the message of the Virgin Mary: “And the cross was in the plan of God when you built it.” And when the apparitions began, the prayers started there, making Way of the Cross. Initially, there were wooden signs, and later bronze reliefs were placed on the path, which is the work of Professor Carmel Puzzola.